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6 Art Deco copper engraved Modernist crystal glass stemware.

Copper engraved Modernist glass collection of 22 crystal stemware. Unique rectaungualr base and architectural stem. Inspired by the special illuminations for the Exposition des Art Decoratifs in 1925 seen on Eiffel Tower. The lights were executed and lit by JACOPOZZI. See the image of a postcard by Studio AN of the event. This glass collection is the quintessence of Art Deco design. Ref. The Crazy Years Paris in the Twenties by William Wiser.

Date: ca1925

Artist / Photographer :

Material / Technique : Crystal Glass

Measurements: 3 1/4"

Print Type: Crystal Glass

Origin: USA or France

Condition: Mint

Item: 896

Price: $ 0.00