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Folies Bergere: Folies Productions were lavish to say the least. Paul Derval, the Company Manager, said in a Folies programme: "The fabrics required for a review measure some 500 kilometers - the distance from Paris to Lyons." In charge of making the review costumes was Max Weldy. An article in Paris Soir on December 18, 1928 describes Weldy's job:

Weldy ran a huge operation where he For example, when Erte designed a tableaux "Gold" for Ziegfeld in New York, duplicate sets were made the next year for the Follies Bergere and theatres around the world.

Max Weldy held the rights to the costume designs so that when revues were staged at the Folies, duplicate sets could be made and sold to other theatres., From his office and ateliers next door to the stage door at the Folies Bergere in the rue Savlnier controled the studios which furnish the entire world with revue, ballets, operettas, and musical comedies. Two or three hundred people work here everyday...opened the dispatch ledger, one review is in the cape, others at Calcutta, Bombay, Shanghai, Hong Kong, England, at Oslo, etc. Current commissions include a revue costing one hundred thousand dollars for the U.S.A. Costumes, decors, curtains are exported by Weldy to the Winter Garden, to Ziegfeld, to the Apollo Theatre, New York; also to the Admirals-Palatz in Berlin, the Olympia on Barcelona, The Queen Victoria, Madrid, the Maypon at Buenos Aires, without counting C.B. Cochran's London revues. For Paris, Weldy mounted the revues at the Folies Bergere every year. That meant a million and a half each year.


Folies Bergere, French 1920s to 1930s
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