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PaulIribe : Poiret's innate sympathy with artists, his employment of them, and his support of the artistic and fashion press gave couture, and his own designs, a new exposure. The perfecting by illustrators of the pochoir printing technique -in which colors were brushed onto the paper through thin zinc or copper cut-out stencils -was an important boost for the art of fashion illustration, and Poiret was one of the first to realize its possibilities. In 1908, he hired the young printmaker Paul Iribe, whose works in the pochoir technique appealed to the couturier because their simple line and broad, flat, abstract expanses of bright color perfectly captured the Empire dresses he was then makin. Iribe executed ten images of Poiret gowns, which were reproduced by pochoir in an edition of 250 copies, called Les Robes de Paul Poiret, racontées par Paul Iribe (Paris: 1908). It was the first time a couturier had looked to modern art to represent his creations, and it sounded the call for a redefinition of fashion illustration, while making a name for Iribe, who went on to a career in the graphic and decorative arts.


Paul Iribe, French (1882-1932)
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